Empower your career as a MOJO, Generate income by creating content for publishers

Are you an experienced writer or journalist in the media space or aspiring to become one? Leverage the MoPress’ network of major publishers by joining our Mobile Journalist (MOJO) community and creating content within your area of expertise.

The future of digital publishing is now

A sharing economy will be the future of Transportation, Accommodation, Shopping & Travel and so much more – so, why not Publishing?

As the publishing industry matures into the digital age, it can be difficult for writers and journalists, especially those from traditional media, to remain relevant in the market. 

We at MoPress address this by connecting digital publishers with storytellers of different experiences, creating a win-win sharing economy. 

Publishers get on-demand access to over 3000 content creators of all experiences and backgrounds, and writers and journalists are empowered in their careers while generating passive income from these publishers.

This is the future of digital publishing.

Content Creator (MOJO)

  • MOJO create content in text, visual and video content to markerplace to be use by publisher
  • MOJO to accept premium mission to create based on Publisher's requirement and get paid in premium.


  • Discover premium content and paid by pay per used model
  • Hire profesional or non-profesional to create content based on your need for your publication

Who join as MOJO






Key Opinion Leader

Industry Profesional

Registered MOJO
Profesional Journalist

Step 1: Create an Account

Enter your personal details and select the type of stories you are good at. Mopress will notify you when a new mission from a publisher matches these areas of expertise.

Step 2: Accept Missions by Publishers

Missions are created by Publishers for MOJOs to pick up. Each story ranges from RM15- RM1500 depending on the publisher's requirements.

Step 3: Create your story

Work your magic and draft your article based on the publisher’s brief. Should you be inspired before a request comes in, you can create your own story in advance to be sold in the Mopress Market, Premium, or to be contributed to publishers for free.

Step 4: Withdraw money

Once the assignment is complete, payment takes place on the Mopress platform. MOJOs can use the integrated platform to cash out money (up to twice per month) and view your performance & writing history.

Get your MOJO Pro badge now

MOJO Pro is a rank we created for all the profesional Journalist, Writers, Reporters or industry profesional such as doctor, lawyer or engineers that want to turn their ideas or experience into content in video, written format, this will open up opportunities for MOJO Pro to work with Publishers to create industry specific content or research.  we will need you to provide supporting documents such as your certification as profesional, linkedin account or previous work for verification process

Generate revenue by creating content for multiple publishers

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